I’m not lazy, it’s just hot

It’s not that there is nothing to tell…we’ve been terribly busy. It’s just that this heat and humidity are sapping the very life out of me, and sitting in front of the computer is nowhere near as interesting as, say, immersing myself in a giant block of ice for the afternoon. But lots is happening. This weekend we are taking Ben to Ludington for a little time at a friend’s cabin, so this will be a short update…

The main going-on is that we went to the cardiologist last friday. It was really kind of unexpected…about two weeks ago I contacted Ben’s cardiologist because my doctor wanted the baby (the new baby, not Ben) to get a fetal echocardiogram (heart ultrasound). I wanted to take Ben in early for his heart checkup and get the baby’s echo all on the same day, which we were very lucky to be able to do. No earth-shattering news, Ben’s heart is much the same, so no change is always good news. He is doing well. It does appear as if his oxygen saturation (the amount of oxygen in his blood) is a little lower than what we were seeing last year, but since it is checked so seldomly, it’s not really a good representation or accurate picture. Ben used to average a saturation in the low to mid eighties, last friday he was in the low seventies. The thing about it is that Ben is doing well, his color is consistent and good, and his recovery when excersizing and being active is also good, so the oxygen number is really not as relevant to us as long as he is doing well outwardly.

The baby’s heart is fine, the only reason the test was ordered was because of our history with Ben…not because there was any concern. As a matter of fact, Ben’s new Brother or Sister is really doing very very well…moving growing, all is really fine.

The heat and humidity have been hard on both Ben and I the past couple of weeks. It’s making me sluggish and lazy and I also have a cold I can’t kick. Ben is fine as long as we are in air, but when outside he is sweaty and cranky. We’ve been doing lots of playing inside.

Some pictures to tide you over until the real update next week are

Ben really really looks like a Corliss here. I can really see my side of the family in his face.

I'm a strong boy
In the fine midwestern tradition, we stopped at a garage sale last weekend and hit the jackpot on gently used toys. We found a lot of things in great condition, which I took home and bleached the life out of before turning them over to Ben. We managed to find him an excersaucer, which we had never bought before because we weren’t sure it was right for him, but he LOVES it.
At the beginning of the summer, he would never have been able to hold himself up in this like he is doing…it’s amazing!

After our short vacation: therapy updates and other stuff.



5 Responses to “I’m not lazy, it’s just hot”

  1. hunterholstein Says:


    I’m a little behind because we are finally back at home :-). I’ll get back to my journaling soon.

    Whoo-hoo Walgreen’s! I must admit I shop there way too much, since I walk up to the counter and generally don’t have to give my name to get my drugs. Notice the distribution center is in South Cackalackey! Anderson is a small city, the nearest “big city/famous places” are Greenville (home of the BMW SUV) and Clemson (home of… well, anti-Gamecocks, cows, and blue cheese. I just love Walgreen’s. Check out their store brand shortbread cookies… only flour, butter, and sugar. Yum!

    Yes, Ben looks like Grandpa Corliss in the top picture. I chuckled. I can’t believe how tall he’s getting. Tell him to save some kisses for his aunties!!!!!

    Glad to hear Randall II and Ben are cardiologically fine/stable. Ben is just amazing. If we get a patient whose oxygen saturation is in the 80s, we totally freak out.

    For the record, you ain’t hot! The high for Thursday in Detroit is the same temperature as my bedroom. Our high today was 105, the heat index was higher than that. It’s so hot here, I went outside barefoot today and wasn’t attacked by ants because they are hiding! I’m just thankful for air conditioning and ice water.

  2. purlewe Says:

    *sigh. lovely pics to make my whole day better. THANK YOU!!!!

  3. gardenlady250 Says:


    So how about some pictures of Mom? Glad things are progressing well with the pregnancy.

  4. jackiemania Says:

    Ben is looking so happy 🙂

    and a big hug regarding the new baby in your belly!! I didn’t know you were expecting – that makes me smile 🙂


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Back in the Ben zone!!!!!

    Great pics .. sorry I have been absent of late …Sounds like all is going well with the Randall’s.. Now you have complained about the heat ..it’s time to put the heating on ??????BRRRRR !!! Ha! .We would love to join you at the “Buddy Walk ” again , but we will be across the pond visiting family ..So will go to the site and help out that way …much love to you 3 and the bump ..Trish xxxxoooo

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