Only the technology changes

When I was little, my dad used to occasionally pull out his guitar at night and play for me. And he took requests…I liked a lot of John Denver in those days, but dad also played a lot of Gordon Lightfoot, some Peter, Paul and Mary, and other standards. I loved this. Sometimes we would listen to reel-to-reel or eight tracks on his old reel-to-reel player, and he would tell me about the days when he used to DJ.

Well, only the technology changes, the music and activity stay the same. Ben likes to sit on my lap as we wheel through the Itunes library and I sing to him. Most of the music is the same. We are listening to BJ Thomas right now (no dad, he doesn’t like Mighty Clouds of Joy like I used to), and we’ll listen to some Johnny Cash after that. I suppose later there will be a little Blue Rodeo, maybe some Dave Matthews or Dar Willams…we may go out on a limb and hear some Indigo Girls, but we like to stick to the classics. We’ll round out the evening with my own version of some John Denver as I rock him to sleep.

Oh man does this kid like music.

One Response to “Only the technology changes”

  1. jackiemania Says:

    Sharing music with him is a gift he will keep with him his entire life đŸ™‚ Good job, mama!


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