School days, School days

School has started, and things are in full fall swing here at the Casa. Ben and I are both having a little trouble adjusting to the new schedule, because it is so busy! We have school on Monday/Wednesday mornings, OT on Thursday mornings, then PT on Saturdays. After two weeks of the new schedule, though, things are starting to get into a groove, and should soon settle down.

Ben’s new school setting is fascinating (both the program, which is kind of new, and Ben’s reaction). Last year Ben went to school for a half hour a week. He alternated PT and OT from week to week. It was a struggle for him to get through the full half hour without a meltdown or just getting so tired he gave up. Things did improve as the year went on, but it was really a struggle. Last year was also all individual, one-on-one time with Ben and a therapist. After this summer, things have changed so much. First, after being in meds for reflux, Ben is actually eating, and eating a lot, and is sooo much stronger because of it. He (as you readers know) was tolerating two hours of therapy a week all summer, so we were really ready for fall. Now, when we go to school in the mornings, Ben is in a group of five students, each with their parents, each under two. There is some “circle time” where we sing songs and everyone is together, then the kids alternate between seeing two different teachers (they work on sensory/cognitive skills), a PT, an OT, and a speech therapist. It’s a little frenetic, and it’s taken awhile for Ben to adjust to the pace. He sees three of these five people in one session, then the next session will see the two he missed. As I watched him over the past two weeks, getting used to all of this, it dawned on me that he’s never been in a group setting like this for any kind of play…well, for anything really. Yes, he plays with other kids his age, but even then I’m right there with him because he isn’t sitting up yet! I am SO excited to watch him over the next couple months…he is just going to blossom. Ben is so close to sitting it’s not even funny. He will sit on the floor in front of me, and I have one finger on him. I am just pressing his spine if he starts to lean in one direction, to give him a little clue as to where to adjust….there is no other support for him at all! He will be sitting independently very very soon. It is so exciting! His social world will expand so much when he can be more independent.

Ben also spends a lot of time right now watching all the other people in the room. He watches all the kids, the teacher, everything…but he is VERY reserved…nothing like the kid we see at home. I’m so fascinated with his reaction and what he does, it’s so interesting to see his world expand and his reaction to it.

There is a new picture below…check out Ben’s first tractor ride (and ignore his outfit…his daddy dressed him that day).

Don’t forget that the Buddy walk is in only one week! You can still go online to donate or join our team. If you have problems or questions, please leave a comment or Email me and I’ll try and help you out. We are about halfway to our fundraising goal, and I think our goal of thirty walkers is pretty close to complete…but we would love to have you join us!!

a new picture is

Ben's first tractor ride

Ben loves the tractor!!! Grandma has plans to take him on the big tractor soon, but mom says NO until he sits up. 🙂 We’re sticking to the lawn mower for now.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice outfit!

    Go Blue!
    See you all at the Buddy Walk!
    Heather Wade

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