Buddy Walk Update!

Only one week left until the buddy walk!!!! It’s time to sign up to walk with us, if you haven’t yet. Registration to walk is only open online through friday. If you have issues with online registration (the site isn’t QUITE as user friendly as it wants to be), you can do onsite registration. It doesn’t cost extra, you just take care of everything there instead of on the computer.
If you still want to donate to Ben’s Buddies, you can do that through the end of October. Again, you can do this online, or you can send a donation to us and we will take it to the walk.

I want to thank everyone who either donated or is coming to walk with us. The difference that support makes to families affected by Down Syndrome is overwhelming. I know that Scott and I would be in a very different place on our journey as Ben’s parents without all the support and love we get. If you’ve never been to a Buddy Walk, the energy is amazing. The kids alone will put a smile on your face for weeks to come. I look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

The address for our team website is http://buddywalk.kintera.org/pcds/randallfam

See you at the walk. 🙂


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