Quick like a bunny…

I know I haven’t posted about the buddy walk yet, and there are some pictures at the end of this post, finally. The day was really fun, but long. The last I heard our parent group had raised over $50,000 and we estimate there were over 600 walkers (that was from pre-registration only, I think, and there were lots of people who just showed up to walk…). Our team, Ben’s Buddies, raised close to $1400, and we had (I think) 25 team members who showed up to walk. Thanks so much to everyone who donated, We Randalls appreciate it so much. I showed up at the walk early to help register walkers, and that just flew by. Before I knew it I was getting calls from Scott saying “where are you, everyone has left!” Fortunately someone was able to take over for me and our team got underway. Ben fell asleep during the walk (not suprising, seeing as it took place during nap time). I”m happy to report that even seven and a half months pregant, I did the whole walk and didn’t suffer any long term effects. Okay, I was a little …. a lot …. tired the next day, but that’s to be expected. I”m walking and making a person, people.

Things last week were, mercifully, calm…finally. We had water (after having a new well drilled the previous week). We had no guests and no playdates. Just school and time to work on getting Ben back on schedule. unfortunately, the upshot of all that time off is that Ben has been sick this weekend….diareah, low energy, then yesterday he woke up from his nap with a 102.2 degree fever which continued to go up as we called the doctor. Poor guy. A little tylenol and a cold washcloth on his neck brought the fever down. I think he’s fighting some kind of flu-ish bug. He’s better today, though still really tired and not hungry. We’re just watching movies and lying low. A good thing to do during a 90 degree day in October (!!!!!). It is just scary to see your kid have a fever. Ben had some trouble breathing, he heart was racing, eyes glassy…just scary for Scott and I. I”m glad he’s on the mend.

While I tend to the wee sick one, you can look at some

the walk

Our team, finally on the way, after some pulling to get me away from responsibilities. Hi Heather!

At the Buddy Walk

Ben and his Blog friend, Luke. Oh, and Lukes Mom and Dad…and Scott and I.

Ben relaxes
After the walk, Ben takes a rest on Grandma’s legs.

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