We’re growing!

Ben is feeling much better, thanks for all the well wishes. šŸ™‚

I’m just posting a quick update. For weeks now, we’ve known that something was brewing with Ben, he’s eating more, laying low, sleeping more….he’s getting ready for something big.
Maybe is an indicator:


That’s right, there are no hands in this picture, except Bens…and he is using them to support himself IN A SITTING POSITION! With the pillow, he is happy to play for a half an hour or so. Without the pillow, we can go 30 sec to a minute ON HIS OWN. Ben has learned to sit up on his own!!!!!!

Hey Mr. Tamborine Man

This position is much better for playing

Male Model
Ben finds it fantastic



4 Responses to “We’re growing!”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Go Ben!!


    Proud Aunt Melissa

  2. Anonymous Says:


    I had to send this good news on, so shared it with probably 50 people who know about Ben and have been praying for him all his life. He is a miracle boy and I’m so happy for him and for you and Scott. See you Saturday.
    Love and joy,

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Go Ben! You look great! Avery and Jack

  4. Anonymous Says:

    sitting up

    I go away for a couple of weeks and the world has changed again .. We are so proud of Ben sitting up ,he continues on his adventure and we love to watch .. see you soon ..trish xo

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