6 things that make me happy

Jackie tagged everyone on her friends list, so I’ll play. I like to remind myself that happy is good. 🙂

1. Autumn…pretty trees, blue skies that are somehow different from blue skies in other seasons, and nice crisp air. Even when it’s warm it’s crisp. I love Fall.

2. Sleep. I highly value sleep, and a good night’s rest these days is a little scarce. Getting good sleep makes me really really happy.

3. Being a homebody, within reason. I like to have a day at home to knit, cook, and clean with Scott and Ben every few weeks. We call it “lying low” for a weekend. I love just hanging out together at home with nothing to do. Not all the time, but in small doses it’s lovely.

4. Good coffee. In large doses. I’ll be back to this soon enough, I’m doing okay without it right now.

5. Riding around in my car, windows and sunroof all open, good music, no hurry. Lots of singing. Company optional.

6. Ben. I know, it’s obvious, but the kid makes me delirious with joy, mostly because he is so darn happy all the time, and it’s contagious. You can’t possibly be grumpy when greeted every single morning with smiles and chuckles.



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