Baby you’re amazing

I think it’s probably hard to find a parent that doesn’t celebrate a milestone in their child’s life. For some, it’s walking…that marks the beginning of something new and special. The first word is something that parents long to hear. I guess that sometimes when kids are teenagers, parents wish there never was a first word…but you get my point. Children are full of new. Everything is new.

I’m not going to go overboard and say that Ben is the most unique and special child on earth, but I will say this: it means something when you watch your child struggle. I don’t just mean for a couple of weeks. I mean for months. I mean to watch your child really struggle with a new skill. It’s a process. At first they want nothing to do with what they are being taught, what they are expected to do. They just don’t get it. Then they get cranky, because there is no reason that this should be so important…this little thing…sitting, rolling, whatever it is. But one day….one day you watch your child get it. You see that they understand how incredible it would be if they could only DO THIS. And that is magic. And then you see them want it…you watch them really want to master what you are trying to teach them. And sometimes it takes a long time to get where you’re going.

Nothing means more than watching skills come from struggle. Nothing will ever be sweeter to me, nothing in this world, than watching Ben reach his milestones, because I watch him struggle to get there, and I see how long and how hard it is to get him to do something.

So today, when Ben sat alone. Unsupported. No pillow, no hand…when he sat up on his own in this great big world for TWENTY MINUTES, it was hard not to cry. But I was at school with him, so I tried to hold back. But it was hard.

so look at where we’ve come in just two short

Hey Mr. Tamborine Man
Supported sitting, accomplished just before my sister’s birthday.

supported sitting
Where we were this past week. The pillow is flipped around and sitting at the base of Ben’s back. (Incidentally, Ben is not chewing gum, that white thing is his molar. You can probably see his front lower tooth if you look really close. We call it the egg tooth.)

All by myself
But life as a sitter, well that’s just grand.

Time to play
And there is a lot more to see and do here.

Up next: crawling. We’re already on our way.


6 Responses to “Baby you’re amazing”

  1. jackiemania Says:

    Best thing I’ve read in ages 🙂

  2. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    Go Ben!! I’m so proud! He’ll be running around in no time!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sitting up and beyond

    The really amazing thing is that after he sits up and you clap, or go “Yeaaaa!” he looks at you with a look that says, “What’s the big deal?” That’s our boy.

    Grandpa C.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    SO cool!

    How incredibly awesome!!!

    That boy…is something else!



  5. zoobily_zoo Says:

    I would have cried. I was never a cry baby until I had my own babies. Congrats Ben! I hope you’re feeling well.

  6. Anonymous Says:


    It might have been hard to hold back tears foryou – but I just let them flow. This journal entry is one of the most touching you have ever written and I encourage you to publish it. It truly is a triumph.
    Mary Ann

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