Halloween Success

Ben continues to amaze me. He had such a big day yesterday, and just kept a smile on his face while I dragged him all over town. We had school in the morning (pictures after the link at the bottom), then went to see his Nana (Scott’s mom) at her work for lunch, then up to my parents for a visit. Home for a quick nap and some dinner, then off trick-or-treating with Dad and his buddy across the street (again, pictures below). The dads took the boys around the block, and Ben and Naeem had a GREAT time. Ben was super excited when he got home. Halloween 2007 was a big success. 🙂 Today we laid low to make up for the business yesterday, and we have a laid back weekend ahead of us.

Ben and Anastasia at School
Ben and his friend Anastasia at school, ready for trick-or-treating. By the time they were done, Ben was ready to be out of his fur coat. Poor guy got so hot we had it off and on all day long so he didn’t overheat. Anastasia was a garden fairy. 🙂

Ben and Naeem before trick-or-treating
Pre-trick or treating, Ben and Naeem wait for a picture. We got several, only two are not blurry. One or the other of them just keep MOVING. 🙂

Halloween Night
Just one more. So darn cute.


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