A sibling update

Yesterday Scott, Ben and I went to see the baby, I had an ultrasound done to get an estimate of the baby’s birth weight. The first thing the US tech said was “wow, that’s a big head”….thanks, lady.

So the weight was estimated yesterday at 7 pounds…that was YESTERDAY’S weight, meaning they are projecting a nine pound baby. I’m glad I have the attitude I do about drugs: I want to do this without, but they don’t hand out metals for that so if I need them, I’ll go right ahead. That attitude makes me a lot more relaxed about the whole thing.

So I’m huge, but still feeling good, just exhausted after a full day of Ben-toting. Sitting on the floor to play with him means getting down on the floor, and getting back up again, which is difficult. Only one month until we meet the new Randall!

It’s not surprising that I feel more relaxed about this baby, there is less to worry about concerning the birth and time after the birth. I’m looking forward to having Scott home for two weeks of leave, and that’s about all I’m focused on right now. My worries all center on what it will be like to be home with two kids instead of one, especially since Ben requires a bit more care than the average 20-month old. What I’ve been trying to convince Ben of, however, is that he may require more care (needing to be carried, lifted, etc; needing to be fed, all these things) but he IS able to play on his own for stretches of time without me. He is so used to being the center of everyone’s attention that this is going to be a huge adjustment for him. I don’t worry about him making the adjustment, because all oldest kids have gone through this…he’ll be fine…but I wonder how it’s going to go for all of us.

In the meantime, Ben has a head cold and has had one since Tuesday. He was all leaky and snotty on Tuesday, better yesterday, and last night developed this icky cough. We saw the doctor yesterday (we were there anyway for Ben’s RSV shot) and they said his lungs are clear, so that’s good. We’re doing lots of steamy baths, vaporizer naps, and nebulizer treatments. I’ve also relaxed the TV rules and let Ben watch a movie or two (he loves the glowing box, it’s usually off until after he goes to bed). You know, what are you going to do when you’re sick except watch TV and snuggle with mom?



2 Responses to “A sibling update”

  1. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    Ahhhh! Giant baby!!!

    🙂 hehe

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