…I’ve gone from updating during Ben’s naptime (and laundering, cleaning, reading, catching up, doing assorted tasks during naptime) to actually napping….which leaves little time for updating. Or anything else, for that matter. So this will be quick. Ben is still fighting this cold he has…his poor nose is all runny and sad. Thankfully, the cough he had for a few days has eased up. I think if he knew how to blow his nose this would be progressing much faster, but alas, it is not to be. We’re trying to lay low, we skipped three therapy sessions last week. We’ve been going this week, but today school really wiped him out.

Recently we’ve been working really hard on Ben’s eating…specifically getting him over the hump of only eating pureed/baby food. If there is a lump or a coarse texture to be found, Ben won’t eat it. We get tons of ideas on what to feed him, but really, he just wants baby food. I know that you think that rice and mashed potatoes are really soft, but Ben won’t eat it. It used to be he would gag so hard he would throw up all over when we gave him anything that had any texture at all to it…and that obviously got old really fast. So with the help of his OT and his speech therapist, we’ve been doing a lot lately to combat this. Most of Ben’s issues have to do with the low muscle tone in his mouth, so the first step is to work on boosting that. We use this little nubby thing called a “nuk”, which we rub all over the inside and outside of his mouth…it “wakes up” his muscles. So the second prong in this approach is to gradually introduce some textures to him….which is working better than I thought. Ben has happily accepted some new foods: waffles, mac and cheese noodles, some veggies that are soft and only mashed or in tiny pieces. This is huge and we are going verrrrrry slowly with the whole operation. He’s not really chewing yet, just mushing the food around in his mouth, so we have to be very very careful what we give him. We are also feeding him regular oatmeal for breakfast now, mixed half and half with applesauce. It’s not his favorite thing, but he’ll eat it so that’s good. This is a very slow process, but Ben is really starting to be a little more brave with what he eats, so that’s good. In addition to all this, he LOVES goldfish crackers, and is really trying to crunch and chew them, which is great…so we eat those too. I never realized how much is involved in learning to eat! It’s actually kind of fascinating to see all this unfold, even if it does become frustrating sometimes. And as a last comment, why this kid will eat goldfish, cheerios, puffs, waffles and crackers, but not any other textured food is beyond me. Probably because they dissolve in his mouth to some extent. Just another thing that will take time, but will happen.

So we’re back to resting and lying low (as if we’ve left here…with me pregnant and Ben sick), and hopefully he’ll bounce back soon.



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