A thought…

Even I have moments of brilliance, though they are few and far between.

I got an Email this week from a dear friend who was asking some questions about Down Syndrome. She has a friend who just had a baby that has DS. I have spent the past hour clacking away on this keyboard with all the advice and information I can think of….but I wanted to share with you how I ended the letter, because it really describes what this journal is all about and puts things in clear focus for me. Sometimes we say things that we don’t realize will ring true. Then we think back and say to ourselves “wow, that just put things in a nutshell”…well, tonight I had a nutshell moment:

“One thing that didn’t help us very much in the beginning (or now, and I hear it all the time, mostly from well meaning women in the grocery store) was people telling us “you know, THOSE KIDS are the most loving and caring people I know of” or “THOSE KIDS are just so amazing”… There are up days and down days. Ben is a kid, and every kid has up and down days. But I have to admit, He sees a joy in life that I don’t. And for a variety of reasons….mostly just his very existence, his determination, his body’s refusal to give in to what was “supposed ” to happen…I just find it impossible to see anything but pure joy when I’m with him. My son has changed the way I see the world forever, but not because he is one of “those kids”…it’s because he is my Ben. Because I am his mommy, and because he is the single most amazing thing to have ever happened to me. I will never look at the world the same way again.
And that just makes me a parent, not the parent of a little boy with Down Syndrome.”

Now I need to go find a tissue.



3 Responses to “A thought…”

  1. xosmurfzruleox Says:


    things have been a little rough around my side of town for a little bit now, but every time i read this – all i can do is smile. You’ve been a great inspiration to me in the 4 years that i’ve known, and talked to you. one of those people that i can truly say, i want to be strong like that when i grow up =) glad things are going good. can’t wait for the coming pictures of ben, and new baby =) he’s going to be an amazing big brother.

  2. runnerintheclub Says:

    I need a tissue too (and it’s not just the hormones)

  3. twoscoopsmsu Says:

    You just made me cry at work. Thanks.

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