And then the baby just happened….

No, the baby hasn’t happened yet. But after I finished telling my doc this morning that I had NO signs of labor, she checked me and said “well, you’re 2.5 cm dilated, and 60% effaced, so something is happening!!!”
Everyone seems to think that means I”ll have the baby this weekend. I am having contractions, but I can’t feel them. I just know they are there (unless you’ve been pregnant, this statement makes no sense)…I feel pretty far from labor. I’m only 38 weeks (on saturday)…so I’ve still got time.

On the other hand, I am HUGE and REALLY uncomfortable. I only tell Scott this, because he has to listen to me complain. I just keep telling everyone else I”m fine. I”m so not fine, I”m so incredibly uncomfortable and so exhausted and just so hoping that this baby comes out soon, because I”m really really needing to get this OUT OF ME. But I”m trying to stay positive. 🙂

So this weekend I’m going to make Scott take me out for Spicy Indian food, red wine, car rides over bumpy dirt roads. Then we’ll go to Toys R Us and try out a few trampolines, come home and have sex. Just so I can have this kid.


One Response to “And then the baby just happened….”

  1. hunterholstein Says:

    I don’t remember where I read this… but “pizza, beer, and sex” are recommended to get Deuce Randall out and about.

    Deep cleansing breaths…

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