Preggo people are lazy posters…..

I’ve been a bit neglectful in my posting duties lately….well, really a bit neglectful in putting pictures on our Flickr site, posting, blogging, or doing anything that does not involve complaining about how this baby will not come out. So today I figured I would at least post some current pictures, because Ben has been turning on the charm lately and you all have been missing out like crazy.

A brief run down on Ben’s latest escapades, because things really are changing around here…Ben has learned how to work his shape sorter, and loves to try and figure out the more complicated shapes. Today he showed me at school that he knows how to put pegs in the peg-board…so he’s doing some great things with fine motor skills. Sitting is so old news now. 🙂 We’re working on texture and food stil, it’s a very very slow process. This weekend it all came to a screeching halt…we think that our luck with teething has come to an end and that he’s cutting one that’s a bit painful. Poor guy was all out-of-sorts all weekend and completely stopped eating anything that required chewing, even cheerios (which are a favorite food).

More updates soon. The pregnant lady has a very very short attention span…blogging is hard. 🙂

But there are lots of

I can do this

a VERY blurry picture showing Ben’s shape sorter prowess….we decided one day to see if he could do more than “in and out” in the top of the pot, and lo and behold, he can put two shapes in all by himself.

Snail Time

So Ben used to have a hard time on the snail. He loved it, but it requires a lot of core strength, which he just did not have….but look at him now! We actually started playing with him sitting on this, so that he has to hold himself up as well as use his hands for reaching and manipulating objects….

Cheese Whiz

Of course, he is his mom’s son…Cheese Whiz boy….

Even more pose-worthy

Ben is starting to imitate us, which is BIG fun. Dad taught him how to “relax” in his high chair….this is his fashion model pose.

Abercrombie Jr.

Looks like an abercrombie ad. Oh dear.



2 Responses to “Preggo people are lazy posters…..”

  1. hunterholstein Says:

    Southern-ism: I declare it looks like Scott just spit that child out! He sure can’t deny him!

    Kisses to my cutsie-wootsie. You are SO BIG!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Posing up a storm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the fashion model pose!


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