Just a very quick update….I”m busier than a one-armed paper hanger….Big surprise!

Took the boys to the doctor today, all is well. Toby gained nine ounces since discharge from the hospital..he was eight pounds six ounces on discharge, and eight fifteen today…so breastfeeding is going well. 🙂 Yay! He pooped all over me, completely missing the doctor who was checking him out at the time (thanks, son!).
We talked AT LENGTH with the doctor about sleep…because Toby will not sleep when laid down. He can be fast asleep, we lay him down, and he wakes up and starts to cry. Scott and I have been sleeping in shifts at night. While I planned on not getting much sleep, I figured it would at least be in one or two hour bursts, as he slept a little then woke up to eat….but no. It’s really very difficult. So she gave us a lot of tips on sleeping and getting him to sleep. Makes me feel better. 🙂

Ben, unfortunately, has a cold….he has had a cough for over a week, but no congestion, so it’s probably just drainage. It’s really starting to affect his sleep, poor little guy…so we’re monitoring that and hoping that he gets that on the run soon. Ben was SO good at the doctor…we were there for easily an hour talking to the doc and getting checked out, and he was so, so very patient and such a good boy. I”m so proud of him. He is an amazing big brother.


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