Picture this

There are pictures of Toby and the fam on our flickr page, check it out:
We’ll upload them here later in the week….but for now this is your link to pictures. 🙂


One Response to “Picture this”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi & congrats from aunt joye & uncle gary

    hi kim and scott, just wanted to
    let you know we have been following
    Ben’s website, but haven’t seen you
    all for ages i think this is a great thing you are doing and really
    gives everyone insite into what’s
    happening, god bless you all and
    thanks, i just read about your new add. toby, and we wanted to say
    congrats. and wow, what a big guy
    good job mom!! believe me i know about big babies, but, that’s neither here nor there right?
    there is so much going on for all of
    us and we unfotunately don’t get to see family like we would like, but
    wanted you to know you are all loved
    and in our thoughts, so keep up your good work and we send you lots of love and wish you happy holidays
    hope to see and meet those beautiful
    boys soon, will be checking prog.
    though the web. (when poss. as my comp. is old and occ. stops on me
    til i can get fixed, which just happened it was out for a couple of months oh, well, i’m no expert,anyway, as you obv. are ha)
    well bye for now.
    love and god bless,
    aunt joye and uncle gary!

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