Happy Happy Merry Merry

Hope you all have a great holiday. We’ve been enjoying staying in and hunkering down. Toby is getting a bit more predictable…of course his predictability will all change again in about two weeks, but things are smoothing out a bit. Sleep is a little better…but not regular yet. That is to be expected, I suppose and will get better with time.

There are some pictures after the link below…and more on our flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/randallfam)

So Strong
Toby is already starting to try and hold his head up. The ways in which he is different from Ben are so numerous I can’t even begin……

Tiny Groove
Whatever blows your skirt up, man…..


Super Daddy
Scott in Superdaddy mode….you might think this is a posed picture, but he really does walk around the house like this occasionally.


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