A long awaited?

I finally have a little time to sit down and actually do an update. As you can probably guess, updating during the day is not something that I can really do for now, at least until a normal nap routine resumes. Ben still naps, but you know…Toby is on that baby sleep schedule…which means when and where he wants, and usually on me. I’m taking advantage of all the snuggle time I can get while I can get it; blogging is one of the last things on my mind when I have a warm snuggly baby sleeping on me. πŸ™‚

So Scott has gone back to work for real now (for real meaning that all his holiday time is done now, and he’s back to a regular schedule). I get more confident every day about being home with both boys. Mornings are the hardest, because they both have to eat, and usually wake up at the same time. Ben needs to be fed, not being the master of his own spoon yet, and Toby is taking bottles of pumped breastmilk…so then there is also pumping to do. Giving him bottles is easier to manage when Ben is around too, but not necessarily less time consuming since I have to find time to pump…so it’s kind of trading one thing for another. Once we have breakfast and dressing out of the way, the rest of the day is okay. I spend a lot of time on the floor holding Toby and playing with Ben with my other hand. This worked out really really well until yesterday when Ben started leaking snot, drool and tears simultaneously from his face ALL DAY. So now I hold Toby, then set him down to piss Ben off by wiping his face, sucking his nose out with the syringe, or applying some kind of moisturizer to his chapped and bleeding nose, then washing my hands as if I had just touched an Ebola patient, and returning to pick up a (usually howling) Toby. It’s been an adventure. This too shall pass.

Sleep is getting better. The first week we were home Toby would not sleep if set down, and wouldn’t sleep at night. See, apparently NORMAL babies (read: not Ben) don’t always come home from the hospital sleeping all night and taking good naps. NORMAL babies mix up their days and nights, and wake up lots, and don’t like to sleep by themselves at first. And some like to be swaddled, but some HATE it. And they hate it even more when you can’t figure out how much they hate it. So Scott and I are figuring all the out slowly, and it’s getting better. Toby will now get up to nurse, then go back to sleep for a few hours before needing to eat again, so I”m able to sleep in small stretches, which is pretty much what I expected. I go to bed at eight at night so that I can sleep for at least four or five hours before he gets up at midnight/one/two for his first night feed, then it’s back to sleep until about five. This isn’t too bad, and I can handle it pretty well. It’s a huge help that Scott will stay up until about eleven or so to make sure that Toby eats and is cared for during my stretch of sleep.

Sleep is such a big deal, and I know that parents reading this totally understand. I’m one of those people who really really needs to sleep…I need a specific amount, and I need sleep every night, and I need to be in bed and up in the morning at specific times. I do not function well without sleep. I don’t know when I stopped being able to only have an hour or two and go for days on that and lots of coffee, but it happened. A few nights ago Toby decided to be awake and fussy from two AM to five thirty, and it made the next day miserable for me. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that usually he seems to sleep well (if in small stretches), so I”m hopeful that eventually Toby will be a good sleeper.

Eating has been an adventure too….the first two weeks home Toby at every hour on the hour for most of the day, which is EXHAUSTING. Nursing is EXTREMELY hard, but it does get easier. I have gone all week without a day telling Scott (usually in tears) that I was ready to quit. I consider that a victory. It’s hard to manage both boys while nursing, especially since there is so much Ben doesn’t do for himself yet.

Speaking of Ben, he is the BEST big brother. He has been very patient with Toby, and loves when they are sitting on the floor together playing. Ben trys to put toys into Toby’s hand, and Toby is just trying to lift his head a little, I”m sure his little mind is just thinking “DUDE…I don’t need the fisher price goat…I just want to figure out this head thing….” Ben is less patient with Scott and I…he has learned to throw things (including a bowl of spaghetti-o’s which hit the floor at dinner tonight) and for a few days refused to feed himself any finger food, including his favorite: pancakes with syrup. I tried this one morning while trying to feed both boys at once…my silly, puny mind thought “hmmm…Ben will eat a pancake while I give Toby a bottle, then we can finish out with some applesauce….” Oh NO…that was not going to happen. Ben threw a full blown tantrum instead of feeding himself because he was not getting all the attention. Thank God that didn’t happen more than once…so far.

So things at Casa De Randall are NOT back to normal, but we are all finding a new normal. In the meantime, everyone is doing well and life is good. Next week we resume a normal school schedule, so we’ll see how THAT goes. πŸ™‚ Getting out the door with both boys is an adventure, but I have done it…just not on a schedule. So we’ll see how that goes. And you’ll hear all the gory details, dear readers. πŸ™‚


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3 Responses to “A long awaited?”

  1. purlewe Says:

    I like gory details. Glad to hear you are surviving momma. I miss moo.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for sharing

    It’s so nice to be able to read your blog and feel like I’m still a part of you life! πŸ˜›

    I really do enjoy hearing about your daily triumphs and struggles. Thanks for taking the time to update all of us.


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