Organization to my Chaos

Both boys are napping, which doesn’t happen often, and doesn’t last long. The only reason Toby is out is because we were in the car, which is about the only thing that makes him nap. I’ll trade off the all day wakefullness, though, because he is sleeping okay at night. It’s a trade I can handle! So anyway, if I abruptly leave this post in the middle, you’ll know that one of them woke up and I had to go tend to some immediate need.

This week started poorly, but has gotten better. Let me ‘splain. Ben was really snotty all weekend, and on monday I had to make a judgment call as to whether to take him to school or not. I chose to take him, so we all got bundled and went off to school. Got in, no one got hurt…and started class. Ben was REALLY not himself. Long story short, we left early, went to the doctor, and discovered he has an ear infection (and, I suspect, a sinus infection too, seeing as we are living in a river of green snot). So he’s on an antibiotic now. What “long story short” leaves out is the fact that he was laying on the couch for a short period of time, white and lethargic, more blue than normal, while I freaked out and contemplated taking him to the ER because I was so worried. Oh, and did I mention that Toby had been up the night before ALL NIGHT (really…from 12:30 to 5:30) so I was seriously sleep deprived? Yeah, that happened too. Scott took a half day and came home..that’s how worried I was about Ben. In the end, everything turned out alright, though, and I think he is on the mend. Still snotty, but acting a million times better. Funny quote for monday. The doctor asks me “Is he any bluer than normal?” I have to laugh at that. Oh, and the fact that Ben’s pulse ox (oxygen saturation in his blood) was 68% and I said to the doctor “Oh, that’s pretty good!!” What’s normal for Ben is hazardous for the rest of us. Little man lives on the edge.

The good news about all this is that the past three days (three includes today…see, I count my days by how many good nights I’ve had, and I’ve had three…so that makes today a good day) anyway, the past three days have been fantastic. Toby sleeps until 2 am, wakes up, eats, goes back to sleep until six. Then he eats, Ben gets up and eats, we all get dressed, and we have our day. Yesterday and today we even got out; although today wasn’t planned until I saw we had one diaper for Toby, and he can go through three in a fifteen minute span of time if he wants to. I go through times like this, and I think “man, I can really do this!” Then everything changes, someone gets sick, someone is up all night, or some random event occurs that throws everything off. It will happen again. In fact, Ben is supposed to be napping and is singing in his bed, so it’s happening right now. But I have hope that eventually I’ll figure this whole thing out.

The public health nurse that has been working with us came out today. Did you know that the county provides FOR FREE visiting nurses to come out after you have a baby? She helps with breastfeeding, weighs Toby, answers questions, anything we need. I’ve been through this once and I STILL find this service enormously helpful. So anyway, she came out and weighed and measured Toby today….11 lbs, 4 oz, 22 1/2 inches long. You are saying “eleven pounds, he hasn’t gained much?” but he was eight pounds six ounces when he was discharged from the hospital, so in one month he’s gained about three pounds…that’s pretty good. He is almost out of all his newborn clothes and on to three month items. The boy will be a beast.

I even have time for

our new wheels
The double stroller. We use this to get into and out of school right now, and for mall walking when I get brave. At the store we can use a cart, for now.

couch Potato
As you gaze at Ben trying to use the remote to take over the world, you’ll notice that he has gone through a little growth spurt too….he is a whole 17 and 1/2 pounds!!! I think he is longer too. We are actually into some 18 month clothes!

Blueberry muffin
It’s not your imagination, Ben looks orange-yellow. It’s because he LOVES squash and sweet potatoes, and eats a lot of them. The only green thing he’ll eat right now is peas… At least he likes vegetables in some form. And here? Here he is sampling a blueberry muffin. The food experimentation continues, and is getting better!

Remember “When Harry Met Sally”, when they are playing pictionary? I quote: “Oh, and baby fish mouth is sweeping the nation”…..

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6 Responses to “Organization to my Chaos”

  1. purlewe Says:

    *spits out water*
    baby fishmouth. OMG I forgot that one.

    LOVE the pics. I know your time alone is severely limited. THANKS for sending this. I really miss you and miss hearing from you.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Happy New Year

    Kim I don’t know how you do it all – I would be a basket case (but then….I am 63 years old).

    I love your posts and read every one. Your mom had told me about Ben being almost non-responsive on the couch so I was happy to learn that he is all better. He does look bigger to me and those cheeks look a little chunkier. Toby is adorable, of course. What a bruiser. I think a three pound gain is admirable for a fellow his age. I also think that you better start putting money in the bank for when those teenage years hit – you’re going to need a load of money in order to keep both boys in food.
    Mary Ann

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Re: Happy New Year

      I had an inkling, when I married Scott, that any boys we had would be big eaters. I am married to a man whose friends call him “The Singularity” in reference to his bottomless appetite.
      I fear the teenage years. Good thing I like to cook.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Super Mom

    I just have to point out that one thing I notice in the pictures (other than the ADORABLE boys) is the super-clean house in the background. My goodness – I would eat off that kitchen floor! Definitley waaaay cleaner than my house, and my only baby is of the feline-type 🙂 So big kudos to mom – I don’t know how you do it – but you definitely deserve some kind of huge sparkly trophy.

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Re: Super Mom

      Do not confuse “free of clutter” with “eat off the kitchen floor”…unless you enjoy Roasted Dust Bunny. Believe me, the house is picked up because I HATE clutter, but it is NOT clean.
      But thanks. 🙂

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