Just to let you all know, Ben is on the mend. After 24 hours of breathing treatments every four hours round the clock, lots of propping upright, and the new antibiotic, he is feeling better. He woke up yesterday much pinker, and happier. He is eating again, and today was full of sass and joy, so that is good. He is still sleeping A LOT…but that is to be expected.

His cardiologist called us yesterday, too, which was not only very nice, it was also very helpful. We discussed what was going on, and he gave us some ideas about treatment should this latest antibiotic not work. Mostly, the conversation centered around ways that we can continue to care for Ben at home, this bout of sickness and in the future. I feel so fortunate that we have such good doctors who know Ben and trust us, and that we work together for his care. We are so very very lucky.

Having Toby out for a sleepover turned out to be the best decision ever. Yesterday morning during Ben’s nap I was able to clean and sterilize our kitchen and bathrooms, do tons of laundry (mostly Ben’s, but also all the changing table covers, towels, etc.) so he came home to a clean house and hopefully won’t get what Ben has. Also, last night we all slept well….Toby is still waking at night to eat, but goes back to sleep pretty well now….thank goodness!

Gotta go, the babies stir….


One Response to “F.Y.I”

  1. purlewe Says:

    I’m glad you are doing OK and that Ben is getting pinker (I love that.. pinker.. hehehe) anyway it is a great thing that you have a cooperative doc.. and that you have family to help. I wish I could be there too. Give everyone hugs and love from auntie anj.

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