Continuing Adventures

Thank you so much, everyone for all the Emails and hopeful words. Each day is better. I think that getting through this first time of Ben being sick wile we have Toby is going to be the hardest, because it’s a readjustment, just like everything. Knowing that people are looking out for us always makes things easier. 🙂 I was really worried on Monday night, and just let myself worry into “what if” land. Since then things have gotten better and I”m taking this in stride now. Scott, as usual, is a Rock. Worried, yes, but a rock nonetheless. Thank goodness. We can only afford one worrywart in this family, and I”m filling that position.

Well, if there is a midpoint between monday (Ben feeling lousy) and yesterday (Ben feeling better), we’ve reached it today. Ben did NOT feel well this morning, and we went to the doctor for a follow up from his appointment monday. Pulse Oxygen = 55 (bad) and after a breathing treatment in the office didn’t go up by much. The doctor put Ben on a course of oral steroids, thinking that if his wheezing and some of his congestion is due to asthma, it will help. If this is the case we’ll know in 24 hrs, so it’s back to the office tomorrow. We’ll see if he is better, and if not we’ll consider oxygen at home until he can get better.

So we spent part of the day at the doctor and picking up new prescriptions (thank God for drive through pharmacy!), then home for lunch and to watch muppets on the couch. Ben is feeling a little better, I can tell because he was shouting at the Muppet Show on the TV.

so you may ask, how is Toby doing? Well, he’s a little snotty, and sneezy, but generally really happy. So if he has what Ben has, you sure wouldn’t know it. Of course, a small head cold for Toby could be a major deal for Ben, so who knows. Between the two of them, though, we need stock in a tissue company. We’re up to our armpits in Snot. There’s a vision for you.


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4 Responses to “Continuing Adventures”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Trying times

    It’s the toughest job on earth !!!!you are doing it with grace .. I am so glad you tell us all that is going on.. I hope it helps you to write ,when things are so overwhelming as they have been lately..Sleep is a wonderful thing isn’t it !!!and I remember how it feels to be deprived ..I know you’ll hang in there.. Much love to you all ….trish xxxxoooo

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Kim, please consider having oxygen at home. AT the very least, when Ben gets into a crisis you will have it available and he will not become so stressed.

    I know that it is a hard decision, but in the end it will relieve him and relieve you.
    Mary Ann

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Every morning when I boot up my computer at work I check to see if you have posted. I am just another person who thinks of you, Scott, Ben and Toby on a daily basis. As you know, my “babies” are now 28 and 30 and a lot of memories never fade. When I had my first I was so astounded at the immeasurable amount of love I felt. Within the first few weeks I also learned the definition of fatigue. When we got pregnant again I couldn’t help but wonder how we could ever love anyone as much as we loved Kate but again it was there just as awesome and overwhelming as before. I wish there were magic words to get you through those days that challenge you as both a person and a mom. I hope knowing how many of us have you and your family in our thoughts daily helps.

    Take care,

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