Breathing Easier

Well, I certainly don’t want to jinx things, but Ben does appear to be on the mend. The steroids prescribed to help calm his wheezing did the trick, and over the weekend we saw a marked improvement. That medication is now done, and he is still doing well. The only significant thing we are noticing now is that he is EXTREMELY tired…but that’s to be expected. By seven PM (he usually goes to bed at eight), he is falling asleep on the couch. He’s also upping his nap quota a little. The congestion is still there, but seems to be mostly nasal right now. Let’s hope that he’s finally kicking this thing…we’re staying home until he does! We haven’t been to school for a week and a half, and really haven’t left the house…I just want him to get better.

The downside of all this staying home is that I’m going stir crazy here…the house is really getting smaller every day. Usually we get out a few times a week, if only to go to school. Today I finally cracked and we went to Target for a walk and a cup of coffee. I think that it’s hardest because it’s so cold and grey out…it’s not even like I can take them out in the stroller for a walk. So I”m just here at home with my worry, my infant and my sick kid. It’s been trying.

Ben has been excited because I have relaxed the TV rules and let him watch some TV while sick. We have discovered that he LOVES the muppet show…I have a bunch of old episodes on DVD and we’ve been watching a lot of Kermit the Frog. Ben especially loves the Harry Belafonte episode with all the cool drumming. I know that TV isn’t the devil, but I really try to not let him watch it and not have it on during the day…I try to just play with him as much as possible or encourage him to play on his own. But he’s been so cranky that honestly sometimes it’s the only way we get from eleven AM to lunchtime…that’s a magical hour for Ben when he is crankiest during the day.

My efforts to get Toby to sleep longer at night (allowing me to return to a normal bed time of ten and thus not miss the LOST premire this week) are failing miserably…though he is reaching a normal schedule of eating at two AM and Five thirty AM….so I can’t complain too much. I’m still going to bed at eight or nine so I can get up with him and still function the next day. I will just have to bite the bullet to see LOST this week…and go to bed late.

I am sure you are wondering how I manage posting being this busy…it’s the magic of bedtime…Ben goes to bed at Eight, I blog while Scott hangs out with Toby. I call it my sanity hour…I blog and check Email.


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One Response to “Breathing Easier”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Well, crazy as you feel, and I can certainly understand that, it’s sure good to hear Ben is doing better. We all hold our collective breath when he gets sick, just as you do.

    I like your new “look”. It’s very pleasing to the eye!

    May the reminder that spring isn’t so very far away help you just a bit with feeling encased! You’re amazing and doing a great job, Kym.


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