Plague House

Remember how a couple years ago PBS aired a series of shows called “______ house”? They had prarie house, colonial house, english manor house…well, I am planning one called Plague House. Everyone can carry nosegays and walk around with chlorox wipes.

Scott is sick. Scott has been sick for three days, which is so unusual I’m still trying to figure out if he’s faking or not. Scott rarely gets sick, and when he does it is a blip on the radar. So we’re back to chlorox and multiple loads of laundry to keep things sterile and the rest of us healthy. I think he has the flu, but it’s also respiratory, so maybe he has what Ben had. Who knows.

At any rate, this is funny; A month or so ago we started what we call “the Julia Child diet” for Ben. See, he wasn’t gaining weight, and then the started gaining verrrrry slowly. So we started feeding him Butter. Butter at lunch and dinner on his veggies. Because he needs the calories. Yesterday I tried to feed him squash for lunch and he had a HUGE temper tantrum. Crying, purple face, arched back, head thrown back…the whole nine yards. He went for a nap with no lunch. Tonight at dinner: Squash, same reaction. Then I put butter on it. And he was an angel. So if my son has no butter at dinner, he will throw a tantrum. That’s one way of getting what you want.

Ahhh, a day in the life of Ben.



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