Toby had his first round of shots this morning…Ouch!!! But he did really well, he cried for just a few seconds, then went right back to sleep. Ben does equally well with shots…and again I count my blessings!

Well, Ben was snot-free for three whole days, and yesterday his nose started running again…and he has a red throat. *sigh* I knew healthy was too good to be true. He seems to be feeling fine, though, his attitude is good, he’s eating well and playing just fine…so maybe we’ll be okay. *crosses fingers* We are lucky enough to be going to Sesame Street live tomorrow…I’ve been talking it up to Ben all week and I don’t think he “gets it” yet. I am SO excited to see what he does and how he reacts!

There are some pictures behind the link below, some are of Ben eating. I am very excited to report that we are really making good progress with Ben and food. For SO long he ate only pureed food…it had to be to baby food consistency or he would gag and throw up, or simply refuse to eat. Then he started eating puffs and cheerios…then we could make the purees thicker. We have been getting a lot of help from Ben’s OTs to get him to eat…and we do some exercises with his mouth that help to strengthen and “wake up” his muscles. About three months ago he FINALLY started eating regular oatmeal for breakfast. Ever since then, though, Ben has really been on a roll. Oatmeal led to Mac and Cheese, then goldfish crackers (which are his favorite), and last week we tried meatloaf. He loved it! Now we are going crazy trying all sorts of things…last night he ate beans and green peas that had been only fork-mashed, not pureed with the hand blender…this is a HUGE step. The other night he ate lasagna (mostly the pasta, meat and sauce part, not the chewy cheese part). He has lots of trouble with very chewy things still, because he doesn’t have many teeth…though having two molars that oppose each other on his right side is very helpful. He also doesn’t like pieces of things that are soft…steamed veggies or bananas. They have to be mashed for him to eat them (and don’t forget the butter, please). Today he ate a veggie-dog (vegetarian hot dog…regular hot dogs just give me the heebie jeebies…these probably aren’t much better, but whatever) for lunch and he LOVED it. We are also starting to get him to eat from a fork on his own…if I load the fork for him he can get it to his mouth very well. He gets the idea of piercing the food, but can’t quite follow through. All in good time. Ben is just getting so big and doing so well!!

There is also a picture of Toby talking to his little friend. See, there is a mirror above the swing we have for Toby. Toby thinks there is a little baby who lives in that mirror and is very very friendly. He loves to coo and smile just like Toby does. It’s hilarious to watch. We borrowed this swing for Toby…we didn’t ever need one for Ben and didn’t buy one. Toby, however, needs to MOVE way more than Ben ever did…and the swing is a godsend!!!

P.S.: I’m signing my death warrant by publishing this…but Toby slept through the night last night and the night before! Eleven pm until five or six am….hallelujah!

As always, there are

saying hello
“Say hello to my little friend”

Recently I have started to notice how much Toby looks like my side of the family. It all started when he gave me a dirty look the other day and I swore my grandfather had been reincarnated in my son. This picture reminds me a lot of a picture we have of my great grandpa Corliss…Toby’s eyes and mouth are the same. And of course there is the Corliss chin.

I know it doesn’t look like it, but Ben gets the fork in his mouth and gets the food off every time. We just have to keep loading it up for him.

I'll do it
Trying to stab pieces of hotdog


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3 Responses to “update!”

  1. zoobily_zoo Says:

    It cracks me up that Ben likes things buttered. I told Richie and he said, “He does me proud.” Did you get his fork from Ikea? Because I think we have the same ones. Tristan totally doesn’t get the concept of the knife.

    I’m sooo glad the swing has helped. Both of our kids practically lived in it.

    • coffeemomma Says:

      Oh yes, all of Ben’s fine tableware comes from ikea…except his cups because he is still learning about open cups. But that too will happen for him, I”m sure.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    SLEEP !!!!!!

    ..The “death warrent “comment cracked me up !!! you are probably already regretting it ..TEE! HEE!.. What gorgeous pics .. have to admit a tear formed in my eye …. such beautiful boys ..Love Ya !!! Trish xxxxoooo

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