A conversation I had on the phone today:

me: hello?
male voice: Hello, can I speak to benjamin?
me: I’m his mother
male voice: I’m from …[home health care]…I’m calling because I need to pick up an oxygen concentrator
me: yup, we have it
male voice: I’ll be there at [time], and what is your name?
me: Kimberly
male voice: the name on the paper is Scott Randall
me: yes, that’s my husband
male voice: *long silence*
me: Benjamin has passed away, I just want this thing out of here
male voice: *silence*…okay, I’ll be there in a little bit

When he comes to pick it up, I put Toby in his crib (more on disastrous nap time experiments later), and let the guy in. He spends FOREVER winding up the cord, checking out that everything returned with it hasn’t been opened, etc…all the while Toby is SCREAMING. I can’t go and get him because I don’t want to leave the guy alone in my house for a minute. I finally ask him if I need to sign the paperwork he has in his hand and he says “oh yeah”…then as he’s leaving he tells me to have a better day.

On the paper? Where it clearly says “patient’s name”? Is Ben’s name. next to that it says who ordered the machine, and it says “St. John Hospice”. What kind of idiot wouldn’t put that together and at least TRY to be sensitive?

I”m so irritable lately.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Irritability comes with the territory. I remember when I lost a loved one who was very close to me and I got so sick of people asking me the wrong questions or saying the things they are supposed to. The anger is justified even if it’s aimed at the wrong people. Don’t worry, they can take it.

  2. purlewe Says:

    this guy doesn’t sound like he has enough brain cells to rub together. I am sorry he was so insensitive. I am not making excuses for hmi, but really… has he never had patient be a child before???

    Glad you are sticking up for you. lotsa love.

  3. jackiemania Says:

    *hug* I know, Kym. It was like that with my breast pumping machine return. I’m so sorry you have to go through that. It hurts so much.


  4. Anonymous Says:


    Dealing with complete idiots would make anyone irritable …..!!! Trish xo

  5. purlewe Says:

    perhaps.. well a thought. call his supervisor and tell them that you experienced this and ask if he could be trained better.

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