The Randalls

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The Randalls, originally uploaded by randallfam.

Easter Sunday Brunch at the Dearborn Inn….Toby looked a little like Bob Hope in his sweater and Kahkis….
Not sure why Flickr is not letting me see the HTML for my pictures, because there are more I wanted to post….I”ll try and figure it out. Until then, there is a link to our photo page here on the Journal.
Easter weekend went well, we were really busy all weekend with family stuff. By last night we were exhausted.
Did anyone else watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night? I have a weakness for that show, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…anyway…the family last night had a son with DS. It made Scott and I both miss Ben very very much, wondering what he would have grown up to be and what he would have done when he was older.

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