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April 29, 2008

Before I get to the end of this entry and forget, there are lots of pictures of the weekend with the “onties” (aunts) on our Flickr photo site.  The link is to the left there, where it says “our photo site on flickr”. 

We had a marvelous time, just marvelous.  Melon and Anj (


) got here on thursday and we went out for WAAAAY too much Sushi…after rolling ourselves out of Cherry Blossom (voted best sushi in detroit for a reason), the giggling and merrymaking commenced.  We went to see the sheep on Friday (Toby really liked the sheep!), I learned how to spin (yarn, not stories, the fiber kind), we had a cookout with mom and dad and Karen on Saturday…we ate too much and laughed too much and talked about all the things you can’t talk about with just anyone.  I miss them terribly already.  🙂  Toby, for his part, LOVED his onties, and had a great time flirting, smiling, giggling, playing and having fun.  On monday he slept A LOT…I guess he was all tired out.  🙂
It’s kind of odd, but after having the girls here, it’s almost as if the funeral for Ben is really over now.  Like life really does have to get back to normal now.  They didn’t come in for the funeral because there would have been very little time to spend together.  And even though their visit was really fun, and cheerful and relaxing and just great, it was also still a way of mourning Ben, but a very different way.  I have been looking forward to that visit since we planned it in late february, and there is a bit of let down now that it’s over and they are gone.  This is all kind of morbid and sad and a terrible way to end an entry about such good friends, but it’s true.  It’s kind of sad that they are gone for lots of reasons. 

Tomorrow Toby and I are going to school to visit Ben’s teachers.  I”m excited to see them, but I’m also a little nervous about going to school.  I have been putting it off because there are so many memories with Ben there.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Toby is doing much better at napping in his crib now, thanks to me staying home more (not as much napping in the car) and him being tired out (from going outside more).  It’s a nice thing, to have that naptime back.  He’s still a bit fussy, but I think he’s turning into a really good sleeper.  That makes me happy.  Sleep is non-negotiable around here, Scott and I both need lots of it. 

I’ll post some more pictures later in the week!

April 23, 2008

We’re all alive, really!!! I’ve been crazy lately cleaning the house, getting ready for the loverly


 who arrive tomorrow.  Toby won’t know what to do with all the aunties here!  (And before they comment, yes, I did need to clean the house before you came, so shut up).  We also finished the raking of the yard this weekend, resulting in some sore arms for me.  Guess I’m not as strong as I think from carrying Mr. Toby Toast around. 
By the way, the hospice nurse, Nurse Kim came last week for a visit, and brought her scale in.  Toby is 18 lbs, 14 ozs.  Granted, that’s fully dressed, but how much to clothes and a clean diaper weigh?  not much, my friends, not much.
I’ve also been working furiously on the newsletter for the parent support group we belong to, the Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan.  I’m taking over authorship of the newsletter, and this is my first one.  I’m a little nervous.  Publishes next week, so lets all keep our fingers crossed that it goes well, shall we?
Toby found his toes today, and grabbed on.  It was great.  He’s been staring at them for weeks, trying to figure out what is going on down there, and today he just grabbed on to them.  I missed it (typical) as I was out grocery shopping at the time.  It figures.  But he’ll do it again.  What a second child attitude.  🙂
Gotta go, gotta go!

Spring has sprung!

April 15, 2008

Haven’t had much time to update lately, but things have been going well around here. Toby rolled over for the first time a week ago! I think it was just because he was a little off balance, and he seemed pretty alarmed by it. Of course, there hasn’t been a repeat yet, but since he spends a lot of time on his tummy, I”m sure it will happen in good time.
We’ve been getting out for walks with all the nice weather (not counting this past sunday, of course), and the sunshine is wonderful. It’s doing wonders for my mood and I think Toby likes it too. I’ve been trying him out in our umbrella stroller, since we’ll be taking that birding in May when we go to Canada over Mother’s day weekend. He does great in it. He really likes to be outside!
The newest thing here is that I’ve been looking into cloth diapering for the past month or so. We got some things to try from Scott’s sister, who used cloth with her first child; my mom also had some diapers that she used with me (!). Cloth diapering has come a LONG way since I was a baby. We are trying to see if we like it before we invest in it, since it can be a big outlay of money at the beginning. There are all kinds of options, we’ve been using the traditional folded diapers with a cover (which is now velcro, like a disposable, not the old rubber pants). I”m pleasantly surprised by how easy it is. I think that we’ll really be able to do this. Even the extra laundry isn’t a big deal. We get a lot of “why?” when I talk about this, and the main reason is our trash. Since we recycle and compost, our trash is about 70% diapers! If we can use cloth, even just at home, it will be a big difference in how much we’re throwing out. This week I”m going to look into getting a couple of “all in one” diapers to try them out…these look just like a disposable except you wash them instead of throwing them out. There is a lot of controversy over cloth, because with the water use and energy consumption some people say it is just as bad as disposables….but with summer we may be able to cut down on some of that by drying them outside in the sunshine. In the “too much info” category, I haven’t had to deal with a…well…number two cloth yet. We’ll see how that goes. If we decide to do this we’ll invest in a sprayer attachment for our toilet, which will help cut down on the “ick” factor in that department. Toby seems to be non plussed by the whole affair, except that there is some added bulk that he’s getting used to. If we switch to All in one diapers, that will be cut down considerably, so that may make him happier.
Toby had some vaccinations last week, which made him a little punky for a day or so, but he’s back to normal now. Since we went to the health department, I don’t know how much he weighs, we’ll have to wait for his next physical on May 8 to check that out. I’m sure he’s close to 20 pounds, though. He feels bulky. 🙂
We’re off for lunch today with some friends, so though there is more to write about, it will have to wait. Get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Sitting on the couch

April 4, 2008

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Sitting on the couch, originally uploaded by randallfam.

Mr. Toby McTobypants has learned how to pose for the camera.