We’re all alive, really!!! I’ve been crazy lately cleaning the house, getting ready for the loverly


 who arrive tomorrow.  Toby won’t know what to do with all the aunties here!  (And before they comment, yes, I did need to clean the house before you came, so shut up).  We also finished the raking of the yard this weekend, resulting in some sore arms for me.  Guess I’m not as strong as I think from carrying Mr. Toby Toast around. 
By the way, the hospice nurse, Nurse Kim came last week for a visit, and brought her scale in.  Toby is 18 lbs, 14 ozs.  Granted, that’s fully dressed, but how much to clothes and a clean diaper weigh?  not much, my friends, not much.
I’ve also been working furiously on the newsletter for the parent support group we belong to, the Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan.  I’m taking over authorship of the newsletter, and this is my first one.  I’m a little nervous.  Publishes next week, so lets all keep our fingers crossed that it goes well, shall we?
Toby found his toes today, and grabbed on.  It was great.  He’s been staring at them for weeks, trying to figure out what is going on down there, and today he just grabbed on to them.  I missed it (typical) as I was out grocery shopping at the time.  It figures.  But he’ll do it again.  What a second child attitude.  🙂
Gotta go, gotta go!

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  1. Anonymous Says:


    I’m the writer of ours. http://www.indianadsf.org

    The link is on the home page.

    I will be more than happy to help.



  2. Anonymous Says:

    Small World!!

    Kim, it truly is a small world. At the Carpenter party this weekend we had 54 people – among whom was Linda’s sister-in-law’s (Jennifer) mom, Chris. I have *never* met Chris before and everyone was surprised that she showed up with her ‘life partner’, Pat. Jennifer and Linda don’t get along – but the family had to be healed for this party so she showed up – as did her mom (surprise, surprise).

    I like Jennifer and found her mom to be charming. Pat was adorable – a cute little dumpling of a woman with a winning smile and a lovely heart. She explained that she had worked for a children’s hospice. So, when I commented about how courageous that was and how I admired her, she told me that ‘children don’t die quickly – they have such a strong desire to live.’ That’s when I talked about Ben – to which she replied, “I know Ben. My hospice took care of him.” I almost fell off my chair – what were the odds?? Thought that you would like to know.
    Mary Ann

    P.S. I enjoyed your visit so much and still regret that I didn’t have more of a chance to talk with your friends. Next time…….

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