It happens

We’ve been experiencing some…well, strain around here the past week. For those of you with more delicate sensibilities, I should warn you that this is a poop entry. Read at your own risk.
Starting last week (early last week), Toby started really straining and grunting and was generally unhappy. It usually happened when he ate (they tell me that babies have a reflex that makes them poop when the eat…I don’t know if this is still true at 5 months…). He didn’t have a … movement… for several days. The doctor reccomended prune juice in the bottle, so we tried it. Success. Then it was another two days. We tried it again. More straining. I took him to the doctor. He says to do the prune juice in every bottle for 24 hours, then maybe once or twice a day, whatever he needs. So we try this.

It’s 4:30 am, wednesday morning. I hear Toby cry, so I get out of bed and head into the room. Usually I just “rebob” him; that is, put the pacifier back in. I really thought, however, that I should check his diaper. I turn on the light in the hall so as to get a good view, and what greets me is a sea of black poo…no, no, it’s not poo. It’s not doo doo, or dookie, or poopie. It is, just bear with me here, it’s just shit. And it’s everywhere. The parental dreaded “up the back”…on the sheets, everywhere. I get toby stripped (he’s shreiking), clean him up, new diaper, and have nowhere to set him…I’m waiving him around the room, in the fashion of the Lion King being presented to the animals, and I set him on the carpet. This was NOT acceptable, and he starts to cry. Working quickly now, I strip the bed, remake it, find a clean sleeper, get him redressed and rebobbed and rebedded. Then I go back to my own bed and collapse. I am all ready to mutter “no more prunes” in the fashion of Citizen Kane’s “rosebud”…when I realize that Scott has slept through the whole thing. I debate the wisdom of kicking him, just for good measure, and decide against it.

Seriously, people, prune juice does nasty things to an infant. We’ve had many blowouts this week, and still we’re sticking with the juice. Marines, Green Berets, their training has nothing on this. In fact, I think it would be excellent military training to get all the recruits up out of bed at 3:00 am or so, send them into a nursery to change a screaming, wiggling infant. You get two wipes. Go.

So my concern here is that Toby, while returning to…um…a regular schedule…is still occasionaly crying and arching his back and straining while eating. I’m starting to think that this has nothing to do with the poop issue. I think that maybe his tummy hurts, and I”m tempted to stop the prune juice just to see if that is causing some cramping. It’s very upsetting to see him unhappy.

We had another pediatrician visit last week….20 lbs, 27 1/2 inches long, we were given the green light to start solids, but I’m hesitant with the recent food issues. We’ll see how things go this week.


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6 Responses to “It happens”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Our doctor told us anything that starts with “p” will work….peaches, pears, prunes, peas, etc. We had good luck with pear juice and strained pears. I’ve been told its much gentler on their tummies. You can also water down the juice to make it less powerful. Jody

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Prune juice

    Apparently, you have never had the pleasure of experiencing the effects of prune juice personally. Take my word for it, it causes abdominal pain. I’ll bet that’s why Toby is screaming.

    He may have some reflux problems as well if he is crying after eating. I’ll be waiting to hear what the pediatrician says.

    It’s always something……
    Mary Ann

  3. hunterholstein Says:

    I guess my “Turtle Barfed Two Days in a Row and Finally Hacked Up a Furball” story pales in comparison to this one… Wow. At least she did it on the hardwood floor (don’t tell Mom!) and NOT on the bed.

    Thank you for sharing. Although I’m sure it has been a painful adventure, your readers are laughing off their butts.

  4. zoobily_zoo Says:

    We had the same issues with Victoria. I feel your pain. The prune juice helps, but as you said minor explosions are a side effect. We were in the UP camping and realized we forgot the prune juice and had a slight panic attack. I preferred the prune juice over the screaming.

    He is probably having bad gas pains, and that’s why he is grunting and pushing. This was true with Victoria. Our doctor recommended *I think it’s called* grape water. You can find it at Babies R Us or the drug store in the baby isle. It does wonders for the gas pains. Our ped said that gas drops are a bust, and I concur. They never seemed to work with Victoria.

    Starting solids worked wonders with Victoria. Perhaps getting some fiber into his diet via pears or apples may help. I hope I don’t sound preachy or know-it-allish. But I hope the little man feels better soon. It’s not any fun for anyone.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    military training with p

    I believe that idea is against the Geneva Convention. Water boarding is ok but poop duty with an infant is torture.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This is totally unrelated to your post but I still wanted to say hi. I was visiting my parents when my mom mentioned that she ran into you at the memorial concert. 🙂 She said that you’d been emailing me, but I think it either must be an old one I can’t access anymore or that the spelling is off (the spelling of my address is odd). Anyway, I would absolutely love to hear from you. My email is Hope to hear from you soon.


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