Returning to our regularly scheduled

So many things have been happening, and I hope that I have time to blog them all. We have been so very busy lately, and Toby has been doing so many new things! First, before you ask, we have indeed returned to our regularly scheduled…uh….schedule in the diaper department. Toby is feeling much better. The fussiness while eating seems to have been due to the overabundance of prunes…probably caused some stomach cramping. As soon as they were out of his system, Toby felt much better. Someday he’s going to read this, and the previous entry…someday when he’s about, oh, fourteen or so. And he will die of embarrassment. And I will know I have done my job as a mother.

Also in the input/output department, we have started solid foods. It’s been about two weeks…we kind of danced around cereal for awhile, I didn’t want to disrupt his system any more than it already was, but for the past week and a half he’s been all about cereal twice a day. This past sunday we finally tried veggies for the first time…sweet potatoes. This boy LOVES to eat. After all of Ben’s food issues, it’s kind of a relief. Of course, I’m sure that at some point Toby will decide not to eat and the same heartbreak will begin. For now, he’s eating very very well. We’re taking the solids thing slowly, introducing new things a little at a time. I’m looking forward, though, to making him all kinds of things to eat and trying all kinds of new things with him. We’re working on a cup as well. I started Ben on a cup as soon as he started solids and we had no problem weaning from the bottle at one year…I’m hoping Toby will be the same. Of course, right now everything winds up down his front…and he can’t quite figure this whole drinking thing out, but that’s why we’re starting early…baby steps. ๐Ÿ™‚

Toby has been rolling over with “moral support” for about two weeks. He’ll roll up on his side, I”ll take his hand, and then he’ll go the rest of the way. This weekend Scott and I saw him roll from back to front on his own for the first time. It was very exciting. And this morning, after I put him on the blanket in the living room and went downstairs to throw in laundry, I came back to a Tummy-fied Toby. The days of setting him on the blanket for a minute are GONE GONE GONE. It is so cool to see him do new things. For now Toby shows no interest in sitting. I think it’s because he’s figuring out the whole rolling thing. If we try to prop him up to sit he throws himself backwards to lay on his back. Ahhh well. All in good time. Also, we’re seeing him draw his knees up under his little bum….crawling cannot be far away. Probably not soon, but probably too soon for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve been getting outside a lot. In the pictures below you’ll see Toby’s new wheels. I found a bike trailer at a garage sale (for a real deal, too), and we’ve been tooling around in it. Toby really enjoys it…I think he likes the breeze in his fuzz. We have a grocery store very close (less than a mile) and a library only 2.5 miles away, so I’m hoping that Toby and I can do more biking this summer and less driving….with the cost of gas and the size of my waist it’s a win win. Towing him is NOT as hard as I thought it would be, I really enjoy taking the bike out with him. Toby loves the outdoors, and even if he’s sitting in his chair or the exersaucer on the deck he’s a happy boy.

I’m trying to blog more often, but it doesn’t always work. There is so much to do during the day, and Toby isn’t really interested in playing on his own yet. ๐Ÿ™‚ But we’ll be back again…stay tuned. Until then there area always pictures to look at


Toby loves his cereal, but it’s certainly not a neat process.


playing in the swing at the park near our house. Toby LOVES the swing.


Our new wheels. I was a little afraid Toby would not be able to sit in this and handle the movement, but he does really well. He doesn’t fall asleep like he does in the car…too much to see!!!!


Sometimes, when Toby is supposed to be sleeping, we go upstairs to check on him and find him doing stupid bob tricks, like this. He thinks this is hilarious. Or he’ll be taking the bob out with his little hands and trying to shove it back in backwards. Oh Toby.


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One Response to “Returning to our regularly scheduled”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Drinking and sitting up

    Dearest Kim, I love reading your blog – and the pictures are *wonderful*. Toby certainly looks like Grandpa.

    Now ….as to the drinking and sitting thing. Kids need to be neurologically ready to drink from a cup – and need a certain amount of sucking time before they are weaned. If Toby isn’t drinking from a cup, he just isn’t ready – just as he is not ready to sit up. Sitting is *supposed to* happen at eight months. Some kids sit before then, but Toby is a big boy and is going to need more upper body strength to support all of that weight. Forgive me for giving advice, but it’s my grandma thing kicking in.

    Our little Caty Rose (6 bls.7 ounces) looks *just like Wendy* when she was a baby and is giving us the exact same problems. Wendy wouldn’t eat, and neither does Caty – so we’re trying anything, including feeding her every two hours, to get her to gain a little weight. She looks like a little china doll, she is so tiny. Wendy seems to have lost her milk supply. Yesterday, after pumping for a half/hour, she got nothing. Sigh. It starts all over again – Wendy had the same problem with James.

    Mary Ann

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