Adventures in eating

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend about having a child with “food issues”. How exhausting it is…how you worry…how all of your well meaning friends give you advice to “just try this or that” when you know in your heart that your child will not eat ANYTHING. Some kids have issues because they are picky, some because they don’t like certain foods or will only eat others. Ben, as regular readers of this blog will remember, had issues with food texture. He had very specific requirements about what his food should be like…mashed, soft, pureed…soft chunks were not okay. Goldfish were. He liked split pea soup and meatloaf, but wouldn’t eat mashed potatoes. As he grew it went from texture issues to more “toddler picky” issues. It was exhausting. It made me cry sometimes…when he was 18 months old and I was baking yet another squash so that I could make him some more baby food.

Toby, on the other hand, is a joy in the kitchen:


Okay, so he doesn’t like peas. Big deal. This kid eats everything so far, and thickness and temperature are not worrisome to him. I can’t wait to cook for this kid!

So far we’ve eaten sweet potatoes, squash, peas and bananas…and yes, cereal. Today he was drooling and cranky and I got an idea:


This is a small net bag attached to a handle. You can put chunks of food in it for kids to gum before they are able to manage chewing. Most exciting, you can put pieces of frozen fruit in it when they are teething. This is a frozen peach. Toby LOVED this!

I love that my kids are different. I know that ALL kids are different. But it is nice sometimes not to have to worry about food, it’s texture, what he will eat, what he won’t, his nutrition, his development. Make no mistake, you all know how much I love Ben. Scott and I did everything he needed, because he needed it. It was okay, because that’s just what Ben did at the time. But I worried. Sometimes I feel guilty for being glad I don’t have to worry as much.

I know that other worries are coming, please don’t remind me. 🙂



3 Responses to “Adventures in eating”

  1. purlewe Says:

    you have to tell me what the name of that net thing is. my sisters could prolly really use it for their new babes.

    ps revel in the differences. revel in their samenesses. revel.

    • coffeemomma Says:

      I have no idea what the name is, but I’ve seen them at Babies R Us and at Target, so they can find them….I”ll see if I can find out the name.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    baby safe feeder

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