Regular readers of this blog know that if there is one dirty word around our house, it starts with “T” and ends with “eething”. We thought Ben was Teething FOREVER….every time he was cranky that first summer we attributed it to teeth coming in, and we were always wrong wrong wrong. As with most things, however, Toby is another story all together. My poor guy has four big bumps on his gums, drooling has increased tenfold (if that’s even possible…this kid is a regular waterworks) and we are fussy fussy fussy. Don’t want to eat, cuddle, play, or do pretty much anything in the normal routine. The “best” part of all this is that if I understand correctly, this could be just the beginning and we’re really in for it. We’re using lots of frozen fruit, frozen washcloths, tylenol (only at night…if this goes on forever I don’t want to overmedicate him). He also has a low grade fever. Poor little tyke. Nothing to do but wait it out and go on. This too shall pass.

Last weekend I registered us for the Buddy Walk. More details will be following, I have to do this little by little. It was harder than I thought it would be to make the team page for “Ben’s Buddies” and get that whole ball rolling. Seems like even though it’s been four months, I miss Ben more now that I have before. It’s been a hard couple of weeks. We renewed our Cell phone plan today, and I got a new phone. I have pictures of Ben on my old one, and no way to transfer them to the new one. I know, I know, they make ways to do this. But I have an old phone that I just upgraded, and I can’t justify paying to transfer three pictures. Not when we have about 3,000 (no joke) on our computer of Ben. But still, they are pictures of him and it made me a little sad to realize I have to let them go. I have 3,000 other smiles, but letting these few go is still very very hard. Not to be mellowdramatic, but I don’t get any more, I’d like to save the ones I have.

I have been wondering for a few weeks now how the Buddy Walk will feel this year. It already feels bittersweet. I suspect it’s going to be a difficult day for us, but a good way to remember Ben nonetheless.

In other (happier) news, we went to a birthday party for my Grandpa last weekend. 90 Years old! Amazing. Shots of Toby hanging out with his adoring girl-cousins are below. We’re heading to the Cabin (belonging to some friends of ours) for the fourth, and looking forward to getting away, then off to the Farm for the family reunion. July is always so busy. Oh, and Scott turns 30 soon, but you didn’t hear it from me. 🙂

New pictures are


Toby’s cousins really adore him. Is it because he is so cute?


You be the judge.


Toby in his “seal” pose: both hands and both feet on the ball.


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