The height of summer, for a kid like Toby, is a magical thing. Every day we go outside and he LOVES it. Toby really likes to be outside. We have to bathe him in sunscreen, because he’s so fair, but he’s willing to tolerate it because he loves the sunshine.
Last weekend we went to a friend’s cabin for the fourth. We had a good time hanging out on the boat, swimming, fishing, and relaxing. There are a few pictures at the end of this entry of Toby learning to swim. You’ll see that he has a really cool little float that allows him to putter around on his own, and despite some initial reservations, he was hard to get out of the water at the end. He also spent time playing in the sand, which was fun…but not for mom and dad as we had to remove the sand from his many folds at the end of a long day.
We’re still working on Teeth, and it’s coming along. It’s just going to be awhile, I know. He’s sleeping okay…but sporadically he’ll be up at night or not wanting to eat. Today I gave Toby a frozen bagel, and he really enjoyed that. We’re working on what he wants to eat, and I’m starting to offer him some things that are finger food-ish, like the Gerber puffs, bagel pieces, and biter biscuits. He really enjoys the biter biscuits, but they are so messy that they necessitate a bath when he’s done, so we save those for outside treats when lots of clean-up time is available.
This week Toby had a pediatrician visit for a check up. He weighs 20 lbs, 7 oz and is 29 inches long. We were taking bets on his weight, I was the closest with 21 lbs. Most of the family thought he would be much heavier. I think he’s growing out, though, not so much weight wise but length wise. Each day he looks a little different to me. We also switched to the “big boy” carseat. It’s a convertible one that will face the rear of the car still, but stays in place, unlike the infant “bucket” carseat. He’s just too heavy to be carrying around in the bucket any longer. AND…Toby has recently learned the joys of sitting up in the grocery cart, marking a passage into “big boy-hood”. He’s really coming along on sitting in general, and will sit propped up on his hands for almost a minute now, and he enjoys pulling himself up into a “real” sitting position to play. I can’t believe how fast he masters new skills and trys new things.
It’s been hard the past few weeks without Ben. I think that because we are so busy in the summer and have so many memories and so many big events it makes doing them without him harder. I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks here. This weekend is Scott’s family reunion, and we will be seeing many people we haven’t seen either since last summer or since Ben’s funeral. There will be lots of talking and remembering…though I enjoy this, it is very difficult to go through. It makes being there without him that much harder. I watched some home movies of Ben this morning, and instead of being difficult, it made me feel better to see him again. To watch his facial expressions and mannerisms made me remember good things instead of miss him. That’s a nice feeling. I’m so glad we have so many movies and pictures.
Some things about being without Ben are getting easier. We have moved a few things out of his room, and then left the rest of it pretty much as it was. Today I moved most of the toys and the toybox into Toby’s room, along with the rest of the books. It felt right. In their place is a large pile of garage sale things (we’re having one later in the summemr). There are still a few things in there of Ben’s, as well as my scrapbooking stuff. I want to work on Ben’s second year scrapbook in his room, not only because I can spread out, but because I like to feel that closeness to him.
Finishing on a positive note, Toby will be sleeping in the tent for the first time this weekend. You know we’ll have pictures and stories to post when we return. 🙂

Pictures of Toby swimming are

Teaching Toby to hang on. He is a little unsure of what is happening.

Looking at Mom to make sure everything is okay.

Now we’re really having fun….puttering around all on our own

Oh yeah, baby

and the mud feels nice too.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What An Adorable Chubnick!

    Thanks for sharing your stories and pics with us, Kym. Toby’s little face always makes me smile.


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