Yes, we have pictures

Toby is all about using his voice this week. There has been lots of shouting, squealing and laughing. Sometimes he laughs so hard that it makes Scott and I laugh until we have tears coming out of our eyes. Also, when one of us gets home, Toby gets so excited that he just vibrates with happiness, and he shouts and laughs out loud. It is the best thing ever. 🙂

We had a garage sale this week, and managed to sell a few things. Not as many of the clothes we had sold as I would have liked, but those can be donated or passed on to others. We did manage to sell our crib, and have inquries on the double stroller and a few other things from Craigslist. Really this was about clearing some space out…I”m glad we were able to do that and make a little money in the process.

One of the pictures behind the link is of an amazing gift we got this week. My Dad’s brother, my Uncle Paul, is a woodworker. He took a picture of Ben and used a computer program to generate a line drawing from the picture. He then cut out the line drawing with a scroll saw. The actual process was MUCH longer than that, the picture went through a few different incarnations, but the end result, as you will see, is simply amazing. It captures Ben’s personality so well.

Take a look at these


Everyone is happy when Toby is happy, which is most of the time.


Playing with Blocks and my new truck from Aunt Jody and Uncle Steve. Toby likes to put the blocks in and out of the back of the truck.


We took Toby to the Detroit Zoo two weeks ago. Maybe Scott had more fun….


Uncle Rick and Aunt Karen came to vist a few weekends ago. Toby thinks Rick is hilarious, as do most of us. 🙂

Ben Portrait.jpg

A picture of Ben. Simply amazing. Scott and I are in love with this.


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2 Responses to “Yes, we have pictures”

  1. purlewe Says:

    that is really nice. all of the happy pics. 🙂

  2. hunterholstein Says:

    Awesome. Ben’s pic made me (and Mom) say WOW! Scott looks as if he’s auditioning for Meerkat Manor: Human Edition. 🙂

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