Something Fun

If you have a google calendar, this will be a fun diversion.

We have created a public calendar entitled “When will Toby Crawl?”, because among our family we’ve developed a friendly pool to guess the date that Toby will first crawl. If you have a google account, you can see this calendar, which has the name of the person on the date of their choosing. I don’t know if you can add yourself to the calendar, but if you leave me a comment with a date, I’ll happily add you to the list. The winner will receive the Ice Cream Treat of their choosing (if it’s really huge, we may ask all the participants to chip in…what, do you think we’re made of money?) Out of state or far-flung participants will receive a voucher for Ice Cream Treats. Or just money. We’ll trust you to do the treating.

Guess away! After a few days, I’ll also post a list of the dates and names here so you can see them and throw your hat in the ring also.

FYI: Toby can push himself up on all fours if his feet are braced (ie: in his crib) for about five seconds, and without foot bracing (ie: the floor) for about three seconds, as of today.

Oh, and….Google accounts are free. So if you want to join in and you don’t have a google account, it won’t cost you anything. And google is AWESOME, so why don’t you have an account yet?

2 Responses to “Something Fun”

  1. zoobily_zoo Says:

    I say September 6th. Is that taken?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Jocie says…

    I would like to claim September 4th. Thanks 🙂

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