Long Awaited

So it’s finally september. Today would be the first day of school for me, but I”m here at home. I love this.

Scott and I went away this weekend, just the two of us, no Toby. Toby stayed with Scott’s mom, and apparently had a great time. When we came home, we were betting on what would happen: a big smile, shriek and laugh or a complete meltdown. Scott won with the meltdown. Toby was just so overwhelmed at seeing us that he could do nothing but cry. It was short lived, though, and he recovered quickly. He was very good for Nana, and had a great weekend.

Scott and I also had a great weekend. We went camping at a provincial park in Ontario, on Lake Erie. It was a beautiful weekend and we had a great time doing NOTHING. We read. I knit on a new sock. We sat by the lake. We went on walks and looked at birds. That’s it. It was so wonderful. I would like to show you pictures…lots of them. I saw lots of things to take pictures of. But here’s the story: I wanted to borrow my dad’s camera, because he has a better camera than us. I told him I didn’t need the memory card, because ours would work. He gladly let us borrow the camera. There was a note on it reminding me that there was no card in it. When we got to the campground and Scott turned it on, he said “There’s no card in this camera”…and I swore, remembering that I was supposed to bring ours. So I would like to show you pictures of the shore of Lake Erie, the Herons we saw in the marsh, the Cormoront with a broken foot swimming around, the sign on the beach that said “Parents, children are your responsibility” (why aren’t there more signs like this?). You will just have to wait until we go again.

In the meantime, I do have pictures of a visit to “Big” Nana’s (Scott’s grandma, Toby’s great-grandma) from a week ago. We took her to lunch for her birthday and spent time looking at her (amazing) garden. I don’t know how she does it, but she has the biggest garden I’ve ever seen! Big in terms of plants, not space. Anyway, here they are:

Toby at Big Nana's

Some pictures of Toby in the flower bed. Momentarily distracted from the grass by mom and the camera

Toby at Big Nana's

Toby and dad
Scott and Toby

PS: no crawling yet, I’ve added the dates requested to the pool. Right now we don’t want to do anything but stand! Only on mom and dad, not on anything else.


One Response to “Long Awaited”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “The Garden”

    Hi guys!
    I was just going through the web page and saw this…I’ll have to get “Big Nana” down to our house to see this….she’ll be THRILLED!!! that her yard is on line! Toby’s a doll!!

    Love you all…Aunt Chris

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