A very special visit

Yesterday we went to Lansing to visit a new friend of Toby’s, Anja. She’s my friend Sue’s daughter, and is a total cutie. Toby played well (maybe it was the wooden ring toy that drew him in), and we had a great time. Pictures this week (I got a few good ones). I planned to put Toby in his jams (pajamas) and bring him home, counting on him to fall asleep in the car, as he usually does. For some reason, this was just not in the cards. He screamed the whole way home. The. Whole. Way. I pulled off at an exit to check on him and he was just unhappy…not a diaper issue, not a carseat issue, not a bob issue. Just unhappy. I had no other choice but to drive as fast as I could to get home. It was the longest hour of my life, no kidding. But when we got home, he did fall asleep pretty fast, and slept all night…no diaper changes, no bobbing, nothing. Thank God for small favors, right?

Yesterday Toby switched up his regular routine (consisting of standing, pulling up on mom, more standing, and crying so mom will help me stand) by learning to push buttons on his toy phone and showing me he learned to play peek a boo. Hours of cuteness followed. I am so amazed by how much he learns and how fast he learns it.


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