Some thoughts

Fall is here in earnest. I love being outside at this time of year…I love the way the light looks, I love the trees. I love the feel of the air. Yesterday I took Toby out to get the stink blown off of him:



OK, yeah, he got a little dirty, but whatever. He had fun crawling around on the driveway and the deck.

In the past week, we have seen some major changes in Toby, and it feels like they all happened at once. He’s really and truly crawling now, and we’ve really started to childproof things. Scott and I feel that we take care of the things that will cause him immediate danger and go from there. We’re using gates, plug protectors, putting on the cabinet locks. Then there are things for our own protection, monetarily speaking: toilet lock to prevent things down the tubes, VCR and Stereo guard because buttons are SO MUCH FUN. It is crazy to me that I’ve had kids for two and a half years, and now is the first time we’ve had to think about this.

In general, we try and let Toby do and explore what he wants, and watch him like a hawk. He’s learning NO, in that we say it when necessary then redirect his attention to something else. It’s working well….I want the redirection to be important. Letting him explore has led to Toby learning to climb stairs. Seriously, the third day he was crawling ( or so ) he did an entire flight of stairs with Scott right behind. Baby gates are important at our house since we have a tri-level and the house seems made of stairs.

Spent the past weekend in Philadelphia for a wedding. It was lovely, the weekend, the people…so much fun. It was a nice break to be away from Toby for awhile, my mom had him, but we were glad to get home to him. Surprise surprise. 🙂


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