Lace Needles?

What kind of needles do you like for knitting lace? I have done socks with lace patterns, but I’m starting my first shawl. I’ll be doing the Print o the Wave by Eunny Jang. Cobweb weight, which calls for 00 needles, but I will use 0 because I knit tight…..I am thinking of ordering a Knitpicks circ in the harmony wood, for the grabbiness of the wood…but I don’t know how sharp they are…and I think I want something really pointy. So what kinds of things are out there and what do you like to use?


One Response to “Lace Needles?”

  1. purlewe Says:

    I highly recommend addi turbos lace needles. they are very pointy, they coated the addi’s with something that is very grabby and they work very well for lace. I have bought them for my lace making friends and they all rave. They are pricey, but worth it if you love making lace.

    I also have a love affair with my ebony lantern moon circs. NOT any other wood other than ebony. Don’t know why but theya re my dearest precious and I would hurt someone who took them from me. (I only have 2 but I love them both fiercely.) again with the pricey.. but I will use them until I wear them out.

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