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June 11, 2014

A present participle list for June: 



Drinking a lot of iced coffee again.  Summer is finally here when there is always a pitcher of cold brew coffee in my refrigerator.

Working in the yard and the garden.  Tending flowers and plants.  Hoping to give everything a good start before the heat of July sets in

Thinking about ways to expand Toast’s school experience through work at home this summer, and during the next school year. 

Feeling a little like I’ve lost my cooking mojo.

Hosting a lot of get-togethers in our backyard.  It’s made for having friends over.

Giving a certain someone a lot of baths, since he’s into tattooing his arms with marker right now.

Enjoying the warm and mild start to our summer.

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the number of things there are to do this summer, and trying to organize our time.