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July 10, 2007

We have movement, we have movement! The past week or so, I have been feeling little pokes and prods from the baby in the hut. (I now refer to my abdominal region as the “baby hut”). It is kind of cool, it feels totally different from when Tiny Man started moving around in there. Hubby gets a bit jealous, I think, because he can’t feel anything going on yet, and I can; but he’s handling it well. 🙂 I’m still feeling well, though looking forward to my appointment next week…I need to have my thyroid retested. After having Tiny Man, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (lazy thyroid, basically). I am starting to feel like I did before they found this out: tired all the time. It’s not fatigue, it’s more like chronic tired…I could sleep all day and not feel rested. I move through syrup all the time. Each task seems like I could never complete it and it would take everything I have just to start. I’m not like this, I enjoy being busy, so it’s very frustrating to feel this way. I am on medication for the condition, but because my blood volume will grow so much while I’m pregnant, I knew I would have to be retested to make sure I am getting enough of the medication. The extra blood dilutes it, basically. I am looking forward to getting retested and hopefully feeling better soon. I have too much to do and not enough energy to do it.

Speaking of too much to do, hubby and I have been busy. When we moved into this house, there was one room that was wallpapered, and we knew that we would strip the paper and redo the room. We’ve been here three years, and we finally got around to it a few weeks ago…because of all of our jaunts lately, it’s been getting done in bits and pieces. The paper stripping went more smoothly than I thought it would, and hubby did a great job on the painting. We have an old desk (it actually needs to be refinished, but it will be a job for later) that we intend to put in there as a changing table. Since we have a tri-level house, it’s wise to have a “diaper base station” both upstairs and in our family room area downstairs. Besides, the desk is in the room that we need for the nursery.

Which brings me to the next point: we need to clean out that room. Right now it’s a library/craft room. The biggest job will be moving all of our books downstairs. We plan on lining one wall of our family room with the bookshelves and moving the books. The hardest thing to do is to find a spot for all of my craft things. I”m not sure where they will go. There simply isn’t enough storage for all of it, and I hate to have things out in plain sight. Besides, I use it all often, and I have to have it accessible to me, and yet be able to store it. Hubby and I are working how on this is going to happen. My beloved drafting table will have to be torn down, stored somewhere. I’m thinking I would like to sell it to buy a piece of furniture or something that will look attractive in our dining room and still store all of my craft materials. So much to think of. So much to think of. The good news is that the room is a very pretty color of sage green and we don’t need to (nor do we want to) repaint it. It will look good for a boy or a girl.

I’m writing this while in another window I’m working my way through the pages of Interweave Knits “Hurt Book Sale”. Deep discounts on books that don’t look new. Busy server, though. It’s taking a full minute or more for the pages to load. I think knitters really give teachers a run for their money as bargain hunters and sale-mongers.