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March 4, 2008

It’s funny to me, watching Toby, that having him really *is* like a first child all over again. I am totally fascinated with his development, and wondering when he will do things, not because I am worried he won’t, but because I want to watch the process in action. I feel like with Ben we saw each step of the process that yielded rolling, sitting, etc. With Toby, everything happens so fast. And because he is a different kid, things also happen differently. He has managed to grab something above his head a few times in the past few days, but he hasn’t “found” his hands yet (bringing the hours of entertainment that is watching fingers move). He is arching his back and moving onto his side, but I think he’s a long way from rolling. I feel relaxed about watching his skills develop, because as I told Scott, if he doesn’t do something, we know some really good people to go and ask about it. 🙂
Toby is SO social and interactive these days. He has gotten to a point where he will fuss while being held because he wants to be on the playmat interacting with us or looking around. He “talks” back to us with coos and gurgles when we talk to him. He is starting to anticipate events, for example when we play the “I’m going to get you” game he smiles and gets excited because he knows what will happen. We are getting small chuckles and giggles out of him, but no real significant laughter yet…I don’t think that will be long in coming.

I”m slooooooowly working away at Thank-you notes. Usually I enjoy taking some time now and then to write thank you notes to people, and I think that they are really a necessity when someone has done something kind…but the thank you notes for Ben’s funeral and visitation are taking me forever. I try to do a few each day, but it’s a task I dread. I don’t like feeling that way…I wish the time alone writing them was theraputic, that I would enjoy that, but I don’t. It’s bothersome.

A new view

February 24, 2008

One thing Scott and I cannot stop saying so how thankful we are for Toby. He forces us to be present. He demands our attention, both for his basic needs, but also with his little smiles and coos that remind us that he loves us and we love him. He forces me to get out of bed every morning, which is good since I think most days it would be easier to simply pull the covers over my head and hide. He reminds me that the world needs me, that he needs me, and that things will be okay.
P.S. If you don’t normally look at the pictures, you want to see these.

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